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BCS – Dr Juergen Pitschke

Dresden, Germany
BCS specializes in standards-based enterprise modeling.



Boston, MA

DataRobot helps enterprises embrace artificial intelligence (AI). Invented by DataRobot, automated machine learning enables organizations to build predictive models that unlock value in data, making machine learning accessible to business analysts and allowing data scientists to accomplish more faster. With DataRobot, organizations become AI-driven, automating processes, optimizing outcomes, and extracting insights. For more information, visit



Armonk, NY

International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States, with operations in over 170 countries.


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Lux Magi

London, UK
Lux Magi specializes in mentoring the application of Business Rules, Business Decision Modeling, and Business Decision Management Systems to investment banks.







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