Characteristics of Decision Management Systems: Adaptive

Characteristics of Decision Management Systems-Adaptive

One aspect of traditional information systems that remains unchanged is that they tend to be rigid and difficult to change. This is one of the many reasons why more organizations are adopting Decision Management Systems: they are naturally adaptive and help organizations try out new approaches to determine which ones will work best, while effectively managing trade-offs.

How Decision Management Systems Show Adaptability In The Telecom Industry

Many telecommunications companies offer services to millions of customers. They typically employ analytics to manage the wealth of data that they receive every day. One common use for analytics involves grouping customers based on their profiles, purchased services or products, usage, and other criteria. With a Decision Management System that is able to use these gained insights, the organization is then able to craft marketing campaigns that are more effective at ensuring customer response.

This system is also adept at helping the organization see how well customers might react to new approaches. Another way Decision Management Systems show adaptability is in the way it tests new methods and learns from the results. These systems usually allow for the deployment of several approaches that then collect real customer reactions.

For example, if the majority of customers are processed with the usual approach, a group can be processed with a new test approach. A Decision Management System then tracks the methods used for each customer and gathers data about which one gets the best results, such as customer satisfaction and usage. When the test groups’ results are gathered, reports are created and analysed to determine what the overall results would be if each approach was applied to every customer. The organization then learns which approach would work best and should be used in the future. The system can then easily switch to the optimal approach, because of its natural agility. As the system goes through the cycle of learning new insights and determining the better approach, this creates an opportunity for the organization to experience continuous improvement.