Decision Management: Next Steps

Today’s businesses require digital decisions.

The speed, volume and complexity of decisions – as well as the impact they have on customer experience – demand automated, real-time decision making. Decisions need to be made about products to be presented, offers, pricing, fulfillment, eligibility, approval with speed, analytical precision and cross-channel consistency.

Focus on the decisions first.  

Decisions are required to complete most customer interactions. Our DecisionsFirst™ approach ensures that decision making approaches are designed to deliver measurable business outcomes and use the right combination of data, analytic insight and business know-how.

Mix and match the most appropriate technologies. 

Analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and business rules can be combined to complement each technology’s sweet spots and minimize the limitations of a single approach.

Design and build a decision model.

A decision model is the backbone of any decision management initiative. It is the framework for identifying, organizing, and managing the logic and analytics used to make a business decision. Decision models also manage the data needed for reporting and continuous improvement. Decision models help you:

  • Automate policies
  • Enforce regulations
  • Encapsulate expertise
  • Put analytics, machine learning and AI to work

Use decision services to employ the decisions.

Decision services deliver digital decisions to systems.

Start with a pilot or proof of approach. 

Start with automating and improving a single decision (such as insurance claims handling or next best offer) to demonstrate the power of Decision Management.

Decision Management Solutions are experts in Decision Management and at applying our DecisionsFirst approach. Whether you need our DecisionsFirst solutions or a custom system, we can help. 

Contact us, to get started with a proof of approach.