Decision Management Solutions Announces Integration of DecisionsFirst Modeler with Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Decision Modeling Integrated with Leading Open Source Business Rules Management System

Palo Alto, CA – May 16, 2016

Decision Management Solutions today announced the availability of the DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition Integration with Red Hat JBoss BRMS. With DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition and the integration for JBoss BRMS, decision models based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard can be more easily integrated with business rules being managed and deployed using JBoss BRMS, improving traceability and business ownership.

“JBoss BRMS helps promote business/IT collaboration, faster time to market and increased agility,” said Mike Piech, vice president, Middleware, Red Hat. “The integration with DecisionsFirst Modeler enables standards-based decision models to be integrated with business rules deployments, which helps to improve requirements capture and ongoing traceability.”

DecisionsFirst Modeler is a collaborative decision modeling solution using the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard. DecisionsFirst Modeler provides a diagram-based, business user friendly front-end to the business rules environment. The integration for JBoss BRMS links the graphical decision requirements models to business rules implemented and managed in JBoss BRMS, making it easier for the business rules architect and business owner to have a shared definition of the implementation while helping to lessen the constraints on the architect’s ability to make appropriate technical choices.

“DecisionsFirst Modeler helps ensure a high level of business engagement in business rules projects by making it easy to frame the requirements in business terms,” said James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions. “Integrating DecisionsFirst Modeler with JBoss BRMS extends this engagement to the business rules embedded in line of business applications. Decision requirements more readily become executable which can result in faster, more agile and more cost effective business rules development and maintenance projects.”

The newly available DecisionsFirst Modeler Enteprise Edition Integration with JBoss BRMS:

  • Delivers traceability from business objectives through decision requirements to the business rules running in production to help maximize business engagement.
  • Gives business users access to the rule editing and testing in JBoss BRMS Business Central based on their existing security profiles and lessening the compromises on management capabilities.
  • Links decision models to new or existing JBoss BRMS implementations, giving business rule architects and project stakeholders a common view across all projects.
  • Links from both the modeling environment and mobile-friendly read-only reader to allow broad read-only access to models and keep everyone informed.
  •  Requires only the copy of the decision tables or business rules in JBoss BRMS, to help ensure that no duplication or re-generation of business rules is required to add decision model perspective.
  • Uses existing JBoss BRMS versioning, deployment and management processes allowing business rules architects to exploit their existing investments in process and technology.

About Decision Management Solutions

DecisionsFirst Modeler is from Decision Management Solutions, the experts in Decision Management. Decision Management Solutions is one of the original submitters of the Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) standard.

About DecisionsFirst Modeler

DecisionsFirst Modeler is a collaborative, cloud-based solution for developing and managing DMN decision models. Powerful features support shared development across geographically dispersed teams and reuse. The Enterprise Edition supports integration with commercial business rules management systems like IBM’s Operational Decision Manager and Red Hat JBoss BRMS.