Good Old UServ Product Derby in the Brave New World of Decision Management – BBC 2015

Dr. Jacob Feldman, Founder / CTO, OpenRules, Inc. and James Taylor, CEO, Decision Management Solutions, will be presenting Good Old UServ Product Derby in the Brave New World of Decision Management at the Building Business Capability 2015 Conference, in November in Las Vegas, NV.

Here is the session abstract:

More than 10 years ago the Business Rules Forum hosted a highly popular Business Rules vendors competition known as “UServ Product Derby”. The vendors had a chance to demonstrate their product capabilities and potential users had an opportunity to compare different solutions. This year revived the Derby as its Decision Management Challenge. The Derby deals with vehicle insurance problems including eligibility and premium calculation policies for a hypothetical insurance company. Many solutions of the Derby’s problem have been submitted using various modern Business Rules Management Systems, Decision Management platforms and Decision Modeling tools.

Jacob and James will:

  • Present a DMN-based full-fledged implementation of the Derby’s decision model showing both a DMN Decision Requirements Model and a set of DMN-based Decision Tables that implement it.
  • Review the various Derby solutions submitted to the and identify lessons learned that can be applied in real projects.
  • Suggest possible improvements and additions to the DMN standard based on the Derby’s experience.

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