Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

Opportunities, Trends, and the Impact of Big Data

The Predictive Analytics in the Cloud 2013 Research Report included a survey with over 350 respondents from a wide range of industries, with Financial Services, Health Care Delivery, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Retail being the top five. Respondents were from across business, IT, and analytic organizations. Report highlights include:

  • Customers analytics was the top focus area, especially customer satisfaction.
  • Nearly half of respondents reported transformative or significant impact from predictive analytics.
  • Predictive analytics in the cloud solutions continue to gain momentum with wider deployment and expanded deployment plans versus the 2011 research study.
  • Retail, financial services, and hardware/software industries reported the highest impact from predictive analytics.
  • While most predictive analytics rely on traditional data, more successful and more widely deployed companies are increasingly using Big Data to derive value.

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