Predictive analytics sounds great, but how will it help our business run better?

Getting Started Right with Predictive AnalyticsThe power of predictive analytics is the power to improve decision making at every level: strategic, tactical and operational. Organizations like yours are looking to:

  • Identify and exploit opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell customers
  • Retain more customers of the right kind more cost effectively
  • Reduce fraud and abuse
  • Manage risk more effectively
  • Price products and services based on the risks and opportunity costs involved
  • Use forecasts to drive better supply chain effectiveness

We work with organizations like yours to identify which decisions to focus on and determine the ROI for predictive analytics. Beginning with the business and focusing not on the data or the mathematics but on the business decisions and their impact on the business, the service positions you for success with predictive analytics.

Benefits of a Decision Management Approach


  • A clear model of decision making can be owned by the business
  • Less intimidating approach for non-mathematicians


  • Considers policy and regulatory compliance issues before building predictive analytic models

Reduced Costs

  • Eliminate costs of false starts by focusing predictive analytics where it will work and make a difference
  • Business engagement early reduces need for rework later
  • Vendor neutral, graphical collaboration environment


  • Vendor neutral, any predictive analytics software can be supported
  • A technology blueprint for how predictive analytics can be integrated with other enterprise applications

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