Prioritize Customer Personalization With Decision Management Systems

Prioritize Customer Personalization with Decision Management Systems

Prioritize Customer Personalization with Decision Management Systems

Part Two of How Can Decision Management Systems Tranform Enterprises?

Personalization on a mass scale has long been a dream of many marketing departments and consumer-centric organizations. With the power of Decision Management Systems and analytics, customer connections are stronger than ever before. Even with global competitors and the challenge of having to cut through the crowd noise, enterprises can develop and maintain valuable customer relationships by mining available information and taking action on gained insights. The majority of successful companies believe that connecting with customers and strengthening relationships is the key to success in today’s social environment.

Why Personalization?

Having too many choices can actively deter customers from closing a sale. They will delay and wonder whether they’re making the right decision. As the waiting extends, competitors come up with different variations which further contributes to the confusion of customers. An overabundance of choice results in weaker customer relationships. By using a Decision Management System, organizations can create an appropriate profile for customers based on gathered data so they won’t need to decide, resulting in a highly personalized offer that boosts the organization-customer relationship.

When organizations actively engage with consumers and provide experiences where they feel prioritized, the strengthened bond leads to a better long-term customer relationship. The success of this strategy is especially evident with online companies such as Amazon, where targeted suggestions keep customers within their corporate ecosystem. Amazon, as well as other companies that specialize in personalization, such as Netflix and Google, uses engines that collect a constant stream of data from many different consumers and pinpoints similarities in order to provide unique recommendations to the current user.

Effective & Practical Personalization

Knowing what a customer needs before they even need it is an important tool in providing effective personalization. These insights are the result of continuous exchanges of data between a consumer and an organization. Information is gathered over an extended of time and from several sources in order to create accurate offers and results. This is only possible with the use of a Decision Management System that can provide relevant decisions that are adapted based on the current environment. With this system, consumers are guaranteed to receive targeted recommendations from your organization.

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