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Predictive Analytics

The biggest challenge facing organizations investing in advanced analytics – data mining, predictive analytics, data science, machine learning and all forms of analytics – is closing the gap between business value and analytics results. Adopting decision modeling for developing the business understanding and requirements keeps the focus on business problems, revives lost projects and brings clarity to analytic problems – even ones long thought too hard.

Analytics Teams: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Deploy Your Model – Many Analytics Teams have experience with building what seems like a great model – valid, predictive, powerful – only to see disappointing or even non-existent business impact. What can you do? Make sure you can answer these 5 questions before deploying your model.

Analytics Teams: 6 Questions to Ask Your Business Partner Before You Model – Analytics teams know that one of their biggest challenges is effective communication and collaboration with their business partners. What can you do? Here are six questions to ask your business partner before you start modeling.

Business Rules

A decisions-first, decision modeling approach using the Decision Model Notation (DMN) standard is the best practice for business rules projects for implementing a modern BRMS and for scaling your scaling your business rules program.

4 Reasons to Adopt Decision Modeling with DMN on your BRMS Project  –  IBM ODM or Red Hat JBoss BRMS – Building a decision model that is linked to the business context and then implementing this directly in a linked BRMS is faster and cheaper than using rules-first rulebook approaches. The decisions-first approach results in more accurate rules, more business engagement and faster time to value.

3 Reasons To Add Decision Modeling To Your Existing BRMS ProgramIBM ODM or Red Hat JBoss BRMS – Adding DecisionsFirst Modeler to your BRMS implementation dramatically increases traceability, business engagement and rule coverage and re-use.

Decision Management

Why Decisions Matter – Organizational success or failure is determined by the decisions organizations make but they are handicapped by systems that are centered on business processes or functions.

Six Sigma and Decision Management –  Decision Management easily integrates with Six Sigma, simplifying business processes and creating entry points to apply business rules and predictive analytics for powerful business improvements.


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