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Harness Data-Driven Decision Making

We have helped dozens of Global/Fortune 500 organizations transform their business with data-driven decisions.

“You’ve embedded the analysis for solving for the behavior, culture and defining how you make data-driven decisions.”

“This is the critical path to monetizing advanced predictive analytics models.”

“Decision Management Solutions helped us see the potential for business rules to make our product fundamentally more useful to our customers.”


Streamline Reporting

Quickly focus reporting requests on business outcomes, not data requests, saving time and improving results.

Analytics Center of Excellence

Develop a shared business understanding and deployment context for multi-functional data science teams and their business partners.

Business Rules/BRMS Projects

Simplify business rules analysis and maintenance, sustain business engagement, improve traceability and impact analysis and extend rule coverage and re-use.

Decision Automation

Deploy a working decision automation pilot in just 8-10 weeks. Example application areas: Customer Next Best Action, Claims Handling, Credit Risk, Fraud Detection and Healthcare Clinical Guidelines.

Decision-Centric BI 

Going beyond information presentation to predictions and recommendations.

Academic Licensing

Decision modeling with DMN materials and collaborative software for academic programs.

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