Decision Modeling with DMN

Most business requirements center around processes and data. Knowledge, expertise, and predictive analytics are typically shoehorned into a process or data definition. This leads to solutions that quickly become complex and hard to change. For business rules projects, rules analysis approaches tend to capture many individual rules. This results in large numbers of low-level rules, often with multiple versions, that quickly become hard to change and maintain. For predictive analytics projects, CRISP-DM and other methods stress the importance of business understanding but lack a repeatable, understandable format.

Decision modeling closes the gap. As decisions are modeled, goals, processes, and data come together, and there is a place to include knowledge, expertise, and analytic insights. Decision models can be easily expanded in a series of iterations, allowing progress to be made in an agile approach.

Decision modeling using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard results in a clear business target, as well as an understanding of how the results will be used and deployed, and by whom.

A Complete Solution

Decision modeling and the DMN notation are straightforward, but the approach involves a significant shift in how organizations think about business architecture, information systems and requirements.

We offer a complete solution of consulting, training and decision modeling software to get you started quickly and effectively.

Decision Modeling from the Leaders in Decision Management

We are one of the most experienced decision management and decision modeling consultants and trainers in the world. Many of our clients use our decision modeling software DecisionsFirst Modeler and many do not – our approach and training are vendor neutral. We are a co-submitter of the DMN standard, and contributor to the BABOK® on decision modeling, and an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.

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DecisionsFirst Modeler

A repository- based modeling software is the most effective and efficient platform for decision modeling with DMN. Decision Requirements Models based on DMN standard deliver a powerful ROI by improving processes, effectively managing business rules projects, framing predictive analytics efforts, and ensuring decision support systems and dashboards are action-oriented.  Our approach leverages our collaborative decision modeling software, DecisionsFirst Modeler.

Get Started

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Build Agile Decision Requirements

  • Build diagrams to quickly show what you need
  • Find and reuse objects across the organization
  • Put decisions into context – processes, systems, events
  • Based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard to future proof your investment

Integrate with Your Business Architecture

  • Proven across analytics, business process and business rules projects
  • Integrate with IBM ODM, RedHat JBoss BRMS, OpenRules, or other implementation environments
  • Use the right mix of techniques and approaches for your own project

Collaborate Across Silos and Locations

  • Social powered and collaborative
  • Multiple perspectives from business to IT and analytics
  • Get the right stakeholders involved throughout


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