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First Business Rules Project?

Organizations like yours are looking to implement a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) to: Provide flexibility at a low cost Automate manual activities to improve staffing ratios Improve repeatability and compliance Reduce maintenance costs Increase transparency and business user participation Empower business owners to manage their own systems Simplify processes and improve business agility Business […]

Decision Management Systems Effectively Manage GRC

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on GRC: Governance, Risk and Compliance is a broad topic that is a serious area of focus in many regulated industries. Ensuring that everything is done according the regulations, enforcing and managing a governance environment, and tracking and accounting for all appropriate risks can be […]

Building Business Capability Super Early Bird Expires April 5!

As usual I will be speaking and attending Building Business Capability 2013 – this year in Las Vegas NV November 11-15. I will be speaking on Decision Management and giving a tutorial before the show begins. Building on the long history of the Business Rules Forum, this is one of the best places to find […]

Decision Management Systems Effectively Apply Analytics in Supply Chains

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on Supply Chain Management: Decision Management Systems are just beginning to penetrate supply chain management. There is tremendous potential for Decision Management Systems in this area, particular as organizations look for ways to bring predictive analytics to bear on their supply chain. By focusing predictive […]

Why Business Analysts Want Decision Management

The purpose of business analysis is to accurately describe the requirements for an information system (more or less). Business Analysts use a variety of techniques to do this. They use techniques designed to help them find out what is required, to elicit the requirements, and they use techniques to describe and model those requirements in […]

Decision Management Systems Combination of Rules and Analytics Ideal for Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry increasingly rich in data. Yet simply applying analytics, doing simply what the data tells you, is not really practical in an industry where peer review, published best practices and government regulation abound. Decision Management Systems, with their combination of rules and analytics, are ideal for this environment. As more of the […]

Automate Fraud Detection with Decision Management Systems

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on Fraud Detection. Many organizations suffer losses from fraud and abuse. These range from fraudulent claims for services that were never performed, to applications for credit for people that don’t exist, to orders that include bribes and illegal payments. In every case an organization must […]

Decision Management Systems Use Cases – Report Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on Use Cases: There are many compelling use cases for Decision Management Systems. Any time an organization must make a decision over and over again and where the accuracy or consistency of that decision, its compliance with regulation or its timeliness are important, Decision Management Systems […]

Information Management Articles on Decision Management

James has written several articles over on Information Management that offer useful tips on how to get started with decision management, predictive analytics and business rules. Here are a few of my favorites: Where to Begin with Predictive Analytics –  learn why the best place to start with predictive analytics is in your day-to-day operations. The […]

New White Paper – Managing the Next Best Activity Decision

We’ve posted our white paper “Managing the Next Best Activity Decision – Treating Customers Right, Every Time” to the White Papers section of our website. No matter what the context or channel, Next Best Activity allows organizations to optimize each and every decision across the customer lifecycle – from customer acquisition to cross and up-sell, retention, customer service and more. Learn more in […]