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DecisionsFirst Modeler Integration for RedHat JBoss BRMS

Watch the demonstration the integration of DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition with RedHat JBoss BRMS. DecisionsFirst Modeler is a collaborative decision modeling solution using the new Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard. DecisionsFirst Modeler provides a diagram-based, business user friendly front-end to the business rules environment.  The newly available DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition Integration with JBoss BRMS: […]

DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition Integration with IBM ODM

DecisionsFirst Modeler decision modeling software enables organizations to accurately specify their business using decision requirements models; structure and manage the supporting business rules; and streamline business process design. The newly available integration with IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) delivers traceability from business objectives through decision requirements to the business rules running in production. The Enterprise […]

Engaging Business Users with Drools

Drools is a technically strong, high performance BRMS. But many organizations trying to engage their business users in maintaining and updating rules find there are challenges in requirements gathering, implementation, and navigation. In this webinar, you will learn why decision modeling with DMN addresses these challenges, making it easier for business users to fully participate.

The Decision Management Manifesto Explained

The Decision Management Manifesto lays out key principles of Decision Management – why decisions are central to your requirements process and why it makes sense to explicitly design decisions before applying technology.

Designing Smart Portals with Decision Management

How to design intuitive, relevant, and personalized Portals using the power of Big Data, Analytics, and Business Rules. Traditional Portals are geared towards presenting the best information for users to make good decisions. Smart Portals are automating knowledge requirements.

Managing and Evolving Decisions with DecisionFirst Modeler and SAP Netweaver Decision Service Management

Decision requirements models allow business analysts, architects, and decision designers to describe the decision-making they need. When these models are combined with business-friendly business rules representations and representations of decision logic such as decision tables, non-technical domain experts can represent critical “know-how” accurately and precisely, resulting in faster time to value and fewer errors. Add […]

DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition Integration with OpenRules

A demonstration of DecisionsFirst Modeler Enterprise Edition Integration with OpenRules business rules management and decision management system. DecisionsFirst Modeler is the decision modeling software based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard from Decision Management Solutions.