Webinars Tagged: Predictive Analytics

The Decision Management Manifesto Explained

The Decision Management Manifesto lays out key principles of Decision Management – why decisions are central to your requirements process and why it makes sense to explicitly design decisions before applying technology.

Designing Smart Portals with Decision Management

How to design intuitive, relevant, and personalized Portals using the power of Big Data, Analytics, and Business Rules. Traditional Portals are geared towards presenting the best information for users to make good decisions. Smart Portals are automating knowledge requirements.

Business Design for the Big-Data Driven, Social, and Mobile Consumer

Using a case study approach, learn how Decision Management approaches, tools, and technology can help you redesign your business for today’s consumer. The webinar introduces a company trying to build capabilities to handle a growing consumer business. The company has challenges in trying to synchronize initiatives across Marketing, Sales, Product Management, Operations, Accounting, and Technology. […]

Predictive Analytics at the Speed of Business

Organizations are looking to maximize the value of their analytics investment. They need to accelerate the deployment process, reduce costs, and get the analytic insight where they need it, when they need it. Increasingly, organizations must deploy and manage many models, use those models in real-time, and integrate predictive analytics into a wide range of […]