How Business Analysts Can Power the New Analytics Landscape

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June 10, 2015
9:00 am PDT

Companies are taking the next step from Business Intelligence to a truly intelligent business by integrating business analytics into their operations. Today’s BI capabilities like reporting and ad-hoc query are rapidly expanding to a landscape of analytic capabilities that include visualization, data discovery and advanced analytics.

Business analysts are in a powerful position to help drive the successful adoption of these new capabilities. BA’s can leverage their understanding of the business and how business analytics can drive business transformation and adopt new decision requirements methods and standards designed to support integration of business analytics in processes and systems.

Key learning points:

  • Overview of the analytics capabilities landscape from BI to business analytics.
  • Understanding of what situations need what capabilities.
  • How business analysts can help drive adoption of business analytics by leveraging their knowledge of the business to communicate the value of business analytics in business terms.

This free webinar is the first educational webinar offered in conjunction with the newly formed IIBA Business Analytics SIG – it is open to all. Introductory Level.


Framing Analytic Requirements with Decision Modeling

One of the most important steps in a predictive analytic effort is correctly framing the problem a way that creates a shared understanding of the business problem across business, IT and analytics teams. A decision requirements model makes it clear how to best leverage analytics.

Engaging Business Users with Drools

Drools is a technically strong, high performance BRMS. But many organizations trying to engage their business users in maintaining and updating rules find there are challenges in requirements gathering, implementation and navigation. In this webinar you will learn why decision modeling with DMN addresses these challenges, making it easier for business users to fully participate.

Decision Modeling for Decision Led Analytics

Learn how to get started quickly with decision modeling with DMN for success with selecting and adopting analytic capabilities for your organization. Organizations today are turning to analytic capabilities to drive decision-making. With the growing focus on using analytics to improve decision-making, it makes sense to select analytic capabilities in a decision-led way.

4 Key Benefits of Integrating BPMN and DMN

The landscape of process modeling has evolved as have the best practices. The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is an evolution of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 into an even more powerful and capable tool set.

Getting Started with Decision Discovery

The path to a better bottom line is paved by large numbers of operational decisions made by people, by processes and by software applications. Systematically improving each operational decision – at scale – is at the core of Decision Management. Business Architects and Analysts identify, describe and model operational decisions in Decision Discovery.

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