What is Decision Management?

What Is Decision Management?

Decision Management is changing how organizations run their business. Today most business operations center around processes and data. When knowledge, expertise, and predictive analytics are considered, they are shoehorned into a process or data definition, creating process bottlenecks and hard-coded inflexible systems.

Decision Management is a proven approach for adopting and scaling the key capabilities of business rules and predictive analytics that are essential for leveraging big data and meeting the needs of today’s operational requirements and user expectations.

The Decision Management Manifesto

We’ve published the Decision Management Manifesto to help organizations like yours transform their existing systems and applications into decision management systems with business rules and predictive analytic technologies. Learn More.

Decision Modeling

Decision modeling with the Decision Model Notation (DMN) standard is the cornerstone technique for developing requirements for these next generation systems and processes. Learn More.

Business Rules

Decision Management simplifies business rules analysis and BRMS implementation, making it easier to get the requirements right; know where to draw automation boundaries; and re-use, evolve, and manage rules beyond the first business rules project. Learn More.

Predictive Analytics

Established analytic approaches such as CRISP-DM stress the importance of understanding the project objectives and requirements from a business perspective. To date, there are no formal approaches for capturing this understanding in a repeatable, understandable format. Decision Management closes this gap. Learn More.

Business Process

Identifying and modeling the decisions within a business process using the new Decision Model Notaton (DMN) standard and automating them using business rules are critical next steps for greater efficiency and effectiveness in organizations today. Learn More.

BI Dashboards & Reports

BI dashboards and reports are known as Decision Support because they support business decisions made by business users. However, the requirements and design of these systems rarely consider decisions explicitly. Decision management creates an uncluttered dashboard design, providing a logical structure for going beyond information presentation to predictions and recommendations so users can progress from “What happened?” to “What action can be taken?” Learn More.

Decision Management Solutions

We provide a complete set of consulting and training for Decision Management to position you for short- and long-term success. Our decisions-first comprehensive approach matches business drivers to decisions. Projects find the right places to apply the new capabilities of business rules and predictive analytics, rapidly identifying the high ROI applications and clarifying the organizational and business process context for its application. Our approach is optionally supported by our collaborative decision modeling software, DecisionsFirst Modeler. Learn More.