Creating Agility and Operational Efficiency with Decision Modeling

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Decision modeling bridges the gap between business process and the key decision-making technologies needed to transform traditional processes into truly digital processes – business rules management systems (BRMS) and predictive analytics.

Decision modeling delivers the agility and operational efficiency required for a real-time customer experience while assuring the highest levels of consistency, compliance and risk management.

Business Rules & Predictive Analytics Projects

Successful business rules and predictive analytic projects begin by focusing on the decision-making involved.

  • For business rules projects, clarity about decision requirements scopes and directs business rules analysis, resulting in faster time to value and simplifying ongoing rule maintenance.
  • For predictive analytic projects a clear business objective is critical to success. Specifying this objective in terms of the decision-making to be improved by the analytic is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Decision modeling provides a framework that teams across an organization can use. It works for business analysts, business professionals, IT professionals and analytic teams. Decisions are also easily tied to performance measures and the business goals of a project. This makes it easier to focus project teams where they will have the highest impact and to measure results.

Creating Agility and Operational Efficiency with Decision Modeling