Optimizing Customer Relationships in the Era of Big Data

snappa_1461019575At the heart of a good customer relationship is a series of great customer decisions. Every time the customer interacts with the company the right decision has to be made.

  • When is a good time to make a marketing offer and which offer will be best?
  • Should this fee be reversed?
  • How should this customer call be routed given the importance of the customer, the severity of their problem and the available resources?

Hundreds, thousands, even millions of decisions every day driving relationships across the customer portfolio.

Great customer decisions are different for every industry but they have three things in common:

  • Relevance—they deliver an individually targeted and intensely relevant experience.
  • Real-time—they meet the customer’s expectation for immediate response at the point of contact.
  • Recency—they reflect everything known about the customer and the customer relationship at the moment of decision.

Companies increasingly recognize the value of their customer relationships and the need to continually refine and optimize customer interactions consistently across the enterprise. The use of predictive analytics to understand customers, segment them and target them efficiently has become mainstream.

Now, however, companies face a new and growing challenge – how to fully leverage the benefits of “big data” for increased customer insights without being submerged under a tidal wave of data. With more data from more sources, with an increasing need to include unstructured and semi-structured data in their analysis, and with less time than ever before to respond to changing dynamics and customer needs, companies are seeking new analytic solutions.

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Optimizing Customer Relationships in the Era of Big Data

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