Predictive Analytics in Retail: Building Customer Engagement and Loyalty


The challenge for retailers is determining where to focus their predictive analytics and decision management efforts. They need to understand the real-world decision-making scenarios that predictive analytics can address across three strategic areas – building customer engagement and loyalty, controlling costs and driving a successful strategy for growth.

Building Customer Engagement and Loyalty:

  • How do I find my most profitable customers and build deeper relationships with them?
  • How can we predict which products will be most popular among our regular shoppers?
  • How can I build stronger customer loyalty than my competition?

Controlling Costs:

  • How can we reduce fraud-related expenses?
  • How can we make operations smooth and efficient?
  • How can I use analytics to reduce back-office staffing?

Driving a Long Term Strategy for Growth:

  • How can I build a marketing strategy that maintains its effectiveness?
  • How do I send out fewer offers and get more responses?
  • How do I find out which promotions will work and which will not?

Download the white paper to learn the answers to these key challenges.


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