Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN – Free Chapter

Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN has been written by two of the world’s leading practitioners in decision modeling: James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Jan Purchase, founder of Lux Magi.

“The key to accountability, repeatability, consistency and even agility is a well-defined approach to business decisions, and the standard and this book gets you there.” – Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, OMG

Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN includes:

  • A complete explanation of the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard.
  • Over thirty best practices and patterns of decision modeling.
  • Over sixty illustrative examples including three complete decision models.

Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN has been published by Meghan-Kiffer Press and is now on general release, available for purchase from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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