Decision Modeling with DMN for Process Modelers

The folks at BPTrends interviewed me on Decision Modeling with DMN for process modelers last year at the Building Business Capabilities conference. Here’s the video:

It’s a short watch and highlights the three reasons why adding decision modeling, especially decision modeling with DMN, to your process modeling efforts is worthwhile:

  • It reduces process complexity by externalizing decision-making into its own model.
    Processes become over complex when decision-making is modeled as gateways and conditions. Separate but linked models reduce this complexity.
  • It delivers more straight through processing and smarter processes by making it easier to apply business rules and predictive analytics technology.
    Business rules and predictive analytics improve decision-making. Explicitly identifying and modeling decisions makes it much easier to use these technologies to drive automated transactions straight through.
  • It makes the process more agile and easier to change
    Partly because the process is simpler but mostly because it is generally decision making that needs to change and a separate decision model makes that easier to do.

If you want to learn more about decision modeling – check out our decision modeling with DMN page with links to our online training (next Decision Modeling with DMN training class is in July), our DMN modeling software DecisionsFirst Modeler and some great white papers with more details on how to model decisions.

Decision modeling with DMN is going to be a critical skill for process modelers, one that will let them differentiate themselves and their process models.