Extending Business Architecture with the Regulatory Architecture using Decisions and DMN – BBC 2015

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Las Vegas NV, Nov 4, 2015
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Join Gagan Saxena, VP Consulting, at BBC 2015 where he will present our case study showing how the Decision Model Notation (DMN) standard has been used to create a decision architecture for regulatory compliance at a leading global financial organization:

As businesses have an increasing obligation to demonstrate compliance with regulations there is a need for a business architecture view that not only tracks regulations impact but also connects seamlessly to diverse, distributed implementations in automated systems and manual procedures. The Decision Model Notation (DMN) has been used to create a decision architecture for regulatory compliance at a leading global financial organization. This Regulatory Architecture includes business decisions impacted by a variety of global financial regulations – the Dodd Frank Act, in particular. This business architecture has been modeled in the form of decision requirement models and aligned with business process and business organization architectures.

The Regulatory Architecture is being used for regulatory impact analysis and for scoping automation projects. It also drives decision requirements and plans for automating these decisions with various systems including Business Rules Management Systems (BRMSs). The architecture provides traceability, simplification and agility while reducing duplicate implementation efforts. This central, user-friendly view helps with project portfolio prioritization and risk management as well as with project planning and execution.

The audience will learn how regulations are mapped into decision requirement models to create a decision architecture and a Regulatory Architecture view; how the Regulatory Architecture aligns with overall Business Architecture and thus drives decision automation projects; and how the architecture includes other relevant business policies. They will also gain useful insights from the journey towards creating a responsibility center to manage Regulatory Architecture along with the governance, change management and resourcing challenges that go with it.

Gagan is an experienced CIO and an expert in implementing Decision Management Systems – automation of high volume operational decisions using Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Business Rules and Optimization Algorithms. He helps organizations in developing Big Data Strategy, Integrated Consumer Experience Design, Technology Roadmaps and Business Cases.

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