Highlights of the Predictive Analytics in the Cloud Study

Check out James’ guest post over on KDNuggets for highlights of our recent Predictive Analytics in the Cloud Research Study.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Success breeds success: Early adopters with one or more predictive analytics solutions deployed in the cloud were significantly more likely to have plans to expand deployment and were likely to rate the value of predictive analytics in the cloud more highly.

Big Data trending: Social Media, Sensor, Weblog, Audio and Image data types are all rated as much more important in analytic models among those with successful analytic deployments.

Customer, customer, customer: The big focus area for predictive analytics among respondents is in customer engagement. In particular customer satisfaction, customer profitability, customer retention and customer management.

Read the full blog post here, or download the Full Report over on Information Management.


Thank you to our research sponsors FICO, Lityx and SAP.