Who Influences You in Decision Management?

The DMCommunity has launched a new initiative to nominate the most influential people in Decision Management today. Who influences you in your decision management strategy, projects and products?

The DMCommunity describes these factors for you to consider:

  • “Leadership within their organizations or their clients by taking decision management to the very top level and by demonstrating genuine impact on the way real-world decision models are being created and deployed.
  • Engagement with the broader business rules and decision management community is important. Whether that means participating in the DM standardization, writing influential books or sharing experience at social forums like LinkedIn groups,  speaking at the BR&DM conferences or solving DMCommunity.org challenges, we believe that being visible shows confidence, commitment, status and influence.
  • Innovation by suggesting, promoting, and implementing new practical ideas using the latest decision management techniques.”

Registered DMCommunity members can nominate up to five candidates.  And if you are not already a member of the DM Community, why not register so you can vote and stay in touch with the articles and news the site collates.