Navigating Decision Management Systems Product Categories – Report Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on Navigating Product Categories:

Navigating Product Categories

Multiple product categories exist in the market for decision logic management, predictive analytic modeling, optimization and simulation. As Figure 3: Overlapping product categories below shows, these product categories often overlap.

Figure 3: Overlapping product categories

Overlapping product categories

While there are many Business Rules Management Systems that just manage decision logic, there are also products that combine the management of decision logic with optimization or with building predictive analytic models. There are also products that are called Decision Managers or Business Decision Management Systems that manage decision logic and other Decision Management products that manage decision logic and build predictive analytic models. Some Predictive Analytic Workbenches include in-database scoring capabilities, some package this separately while model monitoring and tuning is similarly sometimes packaged separately.

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