New White Paper on Operationalizing AI with Digital Decisioning

We recently published a new white paper Operationalizing AI: Beyond AI Pilots with Digital Decisioning.

Businesses are made or broken by the quality of the decisions they make. How well does this offer target this customer? Does this machine need to be serviced now or can it wait? Is this transaction legitimate or suspicious? Will this customer make the payment they have just promised? The quality of these and many other decisions can be improved with technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer tremendous potential for improving these decisions and helping organizations be more productive and effective, not just more efficient. But there are challenges in succeeding with AI and ML that leave many companies struggling to do more than AI Pilots. These pilot projects show the potential for AI and ML, but companies struggle to get beyond the pilot and into production. This paper outlines the major hurdles and introduces a proven approach – digital decisioning – that works. Critical to success with AI and ML is the use of a business rules-based decision automation platform.

Check out the white paper here on IBM’s site (no registration required) simply by clicking on the button:

The page has lots of great content about IBM’s decision automation solutions too.