Survey Seeks Input on the Potential of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

Decision Management SolutionsDecision Management Solutions launches survey to study the intersection of predictive analytics and cloud technologies in the era of Big Data.

Palo Alto, CA September 10, 2013

Decision Management Solutions today launched an online survey for business, IT and analytic professionals to voice their opinion about the exciting intersection of predictive analytics and cloud technologies. The survey builds on the company’s previously published research on Predictive Analytics in the Cloud – conducted by James Taylor, CEO, in 2011. The survey can be accessed here.

“Predictive analytics are the most effective way to put Big Data to work, while cloud technologies both deliver new data sources and provide a scalable, pervasive platform for analytics,” said Mr. Taylor, “The intersection of these two technologies is creating new opportunities for value and new ways to exploit Big Data. It’s critical to understand how companies are thinking and how that thinking is evolving as these markets explode in importance.”

PACloud2013 survey

The survey will allow organizations looking to adopt or build predictive analytic solutions in the cloud to share their experience, their perspective and their plans. Participants can share their experience with predictive analytics, their opinion of the different use cases for predictive analytics in the cloud, what they see as drivers and obstacles and how they see Big Data influencing their plans and actions. The survey is anonymous and both participants and non-participants can register for the survey results and other study deliverables.

Research sponsors are FICO, Lityx and SAP.  For more information please contact Meri Gruber, VP Business Development at

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