Version 7 of The Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report

We’ve posted Version 7 of our popular Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report with new content on The Analytics Capability Landscape. We also welcome new vendors Blue Yonder and Erudine to the platform vendor index. Overview Organizations are adopting a new class of operational systems called Decision Management Systems to meet the demands of consumers, regulators and […]

Decision Management Systems Offer a New Level of Control in Manufacturing

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on Manufacturing: Manufacturing is another area where Decision Management Systems are being introduced. Many manufacturing operations are large scale with huge numbers of potential decisions to be made. As customers demand more customized products, organizations must also customize at scale. This means that tasks and work […]

New! Version 3 of DMS Platforms Report with Expanded Use Cases

Version 3 of our Decision Management Platforms Technologies Report is now available. This version significantly expands the Use Cases section. The Report is free to download and can be freely circulated, printed and reproduced in its entirety provided no edits are made to it. The use cases are divided up into a number of categories. Some of […]