Vendors Services

Decision Management Vendors Services

For decision management technology and application vendors, we provide:

  • Strategic advice on product strategy, roadmap, and development.
  • Independent validation of solutions and product reviews.
  • Independent substantiation of the power of Decision Management to improve technology applications.
  • Evangelism, independent research and promotional services, such as whitepaper writing, to support adoption of Decision Management and its related technologies.


Vendor Testimonials

“The study was well-designed and executed flawlessly. The reports were crisp, clear, and useful. We immediately have been able to apply the insights to our product development and marketing efforts.”

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Speaking & Keynotes

Our CEO James Taylor is an experienced keynote presenter, noted for his ability to facilitate conversation among panels as well as for his fantastic skill in giving high quality responses in real-time. These qualities–together with his authoritative grasp of analytics, decision management, and business rules–combine to make James a consistent, excellent presenter for any event.

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Decision Management for Software Products

Software companies looking to quickly and effectively add business rules and predictive analytics to their products are adopting a decision management approach and OEM’ing these capabilities.

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