Business Process Agility

Characteristics of Decision Management Systems-AgileIncluding Decision Management (decision discovery and decision modeling with DMN) in your requirements approach is key for agility, operational efficiency and alignment between the business and IT.

Modeling decisions separately makes business processes simpler and easier to manage. Because decisions can now be changed independently, the application is more agile. Fewer changes require a change to both decision and process so most changes become simpler, easier and faster for an overall increase in efficiency. The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standards based, graphical decision model is business friendly, keeping the project focused, aligned and on-track.

Decision management delivers:

  • Simpler and more agile processes.
  • More flexible business applications.
  • Increased capacity for change.
  • Improved organizational alignment.

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  • A government agency applying decision management found it had one simple, decision-intensive process, not the 30 processes it had expected.
  • An insurance company used decision management to handle the majority of underwriting decisions, freeing underwriters to work with agents to grow the business and reduced their combined ratio, a critical cost measure, by 8 points.
  • A Fortune 20 company turned its current call center scripts into customer-pleasing and efficient processes implemented in a combination of business process and business rules management (BRMS) software.


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