Scaling Business Rules Projects

Decision3A decisions-first, decision modeling approach using the Decision Model Notation (DMN) standard is the best practice for business rules analysis and business rules management system (BRMS) implementation. You will:

  • Get the requirements right.
  • Know where to draw the automation boundaries.
  • Re-use, evolve, and manage rules beyond the first business rules project.
  • Consolidate business rules across multiple implementations and platforms.

4 Ways DMN Decision Modeling Helps Your First BRMS Project  – Building a decision model that is linked to the business context and then implementing this directly in a linked BRMS is faster and cheaper than using rules-first rulebook approaches. The decisions-first approach results in more accurate rules, more business engagement and faster time to value.

3 Reasons to Add DMN Decision Modeling to your BRMS Program – Decision modeling isn’t just for the first BRMS project. Adding decision modeling to your existing BRMS Program addresses the key challenges of most BRMS implementations, dramatically improving traceability, business engagement, rule coverage and re-use.


Case Study: Improving Call Center Processes – Telco

Decision Management Solutions helped a Fortune 20 company turn its current call center scripts into customer-pleasing and efficient processes implemented in a combination of business process and business rules management software. Decision Management Solutions worked with the vendor and client teams to identify the critical decisions in the initial processes, models these decisions, develop an appropriate process to decision mapping, and show how the rules documented in the call center help guides could be effectively implemented in specific decisions.


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