Decision Modeling for Business Rules Projects

In our latest white paper, we explore the tools and techniques needed for scoping and managing business rules projects. The decision management approach to business rules begins by looking at business performance drivers, identifying the decisions that are impacting them, then analyzing what decisions will have the biggest return.

Building an AI Enterprise

  In this white paper, we outline best practices for using AI to improve individual transactions and customer interactions. We consider the challenges and opportunities of AI, how AI can be applied to decision-making, why it’s essential to shape AI projects around business decisions, and how striving to make continual improvements can optimize decision-making. In […]

Agility and Efficiency with Decision Modeling

Decision modeling is the proven requirements gathering and documentation approach that bridges the gap — between business process, business rules, and artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics technologies — for true Digital Decisioning.

How to Succeed with AI

AI is a decision-making technology. A focus on decisions, not a separate AI initiative, delivers business value and a strong ROI. As companies invest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, it is clear that a technology-led approach does not work. To get business value from AI, companies should focus AI efforts on improving business […]

Enabling the Predictive Enterprise

Today it seems that everyone is talking about Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. Organizations of every size and in every industry are investing to compete in this new world. For most organizations this means adopting new analytic capabilities. Most organizations have BI capabilities such as reporting, dashboards and performance monitoring. However, today’s business needs more […]

New Approaches for CDS

Using Proven Industry Standards for Clinical Decision Support. Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is a foundational capability to reduce cost and improve outcomes. It has long been a strategic and high-priority initiative across most healthcare providers. There have been some successes but scaling up remains a challenge. New standards-based approaches and the use of proven technologies […]

Innovation in Insurance: Profit by Focusing Innovation on Decision-Making

The most important decisions are made every day. Insurers that adopt a decision-centric approach to analytics and artificial intelligence are improving business outcomes. Setting the stage There has been a level of frustration and insecurity in the past few years about the fate of the insurance industry. At first, vendors and other service providers raised […]

Maximizing the Value of Business Rules

Decision Management streamlines and focuses business rules projects for faster, more effective deployment. Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) deliver on the promise of costs savings, agility and happy customers. Yet for many organizations, these efforts remain point solutions. Decision Management is a proven framework to drive the widespread adoption of business rules and improved business […]

Decision Modeling with DMN

Decision Requirements Models based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard deliver a powerful ROI by improving processes, effectively managing business rules projects, framing predictive analytics efforts, and ensuring decision support systems and dashboards are action-oriented. This paper describes the iterative steps to develop and complete an effective Decision Requirements Model using the DMN […]

5 Steps to Streamline Reporting for Better Data-Driven Decisions

Everyone wants to make better data-driven decisions. While reporting can support decision making, often existing reporting approaches seem more likely to get in the way, bogging down progress toward analytic decision-making. Take these 5 steps to streamline reporting and focus on decision-making. Find out what decisions the reports are for See what decisions matter to […]