White Papers on Predictive Analytics and Decision Management

Be sure to check out our resource page of free white papers. Here is a selection of our white papers on predictive analytics and decision management:

Putting Predictive Analytics to Work – Applying predictive analytics to operational decision making is the next wave of business innovation. Operational decisions are critical to how an organization treats, and is perceived by, its customers and its partners. Decision Management is the framework needed to fully exploit this opportunity.

Operationalizing Analytics – The most powerful examples of analytic success use Decision Management to deploy analytic insight into day to day operations helping organizations make more profitable operational decisions.

Beyond Business Agility: Becoming Adaptive and Analytic – Download the white paper from James Taylor’s BBC 2012 Keynote.

Managing the Next Best Activity Decision: Treating Customers Right, Every Time. No matter what the context or channel, Next Best Activity allows organizations to optimize each and every decision across the customer lifecycle – from customer acquisition to cross and up-sell, retention, customer service and more.

Transforming Telecom Retention with Analytics – Customer churn is top of mind for telecommunications companies. The use of analytics to find churn risks, predict future customer value, target retention offers and optimize retention spend is transforming customer retention. Putting information to work improving retention decisions across all channels is an ongoing competitive battleground for telecommunications.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery with Analytics – Hospitals and clinics invest heavily in approaches to improve care. As the amount of information available grows and as more devices deliver information in real time, new techniques are required. Using analytics to create new insights and optimize all types of decisions can transform healthcare delivery.

Transforming Retail Marketing with Analytics – Retailers need to develop a loyal customer base and market effectively to them. But customers increasingly shop in multiple channels and formats, and have more choices than ever before. Using analytics to target customers with personalized marketing can transform the retail environment, building brand loyalty and increasing sales.

Transforming K-12 Education wth Analytics – Using analytics to reduce drop-out rates, improve academic results and engage parents and students is transforming K-12 education. Putting information to work to improve day-to-day decision making by teachers, administrators and even students, is the next wave of K-12 innovation.

Maximizing Government Effectiveness with Analytics – Government agencies need to maximize the value of the resources they are budgeted. Using analytics to improve decision making is an effective tool to focus people on the most problematic cases, deliver better services without increased cost, or reduce overhead and administration.

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