Why Focus On Information Systems? Rapidly Increasing Scale

Why Focus On Information Systems? Rapidly Increasing Scale

Part Two of Why Focus On Information Systems?

While evolving customer expectations and a demand for immediate responses is often enough to push enterprises to enhance their information systems, other enterprises take the plunge after realizing today’s rapidly changing scale of operations. As the world uses the internet, and social media in particular, the consumer data that organizations receive grows exponentially by the minute. Due to strong competition, enterprises race to become as efficient as possible in interpreting this information and using it to drive sales and profit.

Going Big on Big Data

An overwhelming amount of information is shared and stored online each minute. With the popularity of social media, useful consumer information is now accessible to organizations. The age of Big Data is in full swing and businesses are realizing the importance of analyzing it and adapting their processes to benefit from gained insights.

But what is Big Data anyway? Big Data is a label for the ability to take advantage of new data storage and analysis technologies and approaches to bring more, different and differently sourced data to bear on business decision making.  When analyzed, patterns can be spotted and accurate predictions regarding consumer behavior can be made. But whether new or traditional sources of customer and product data, the operational decisions that drive business performance must be informed by this data, in operational time.

The Efficiency Race

Regardless of size, organizations are always pressured to operate as efficiently as possible. As the organization grows, the increase in operations should be met with only a slight increase in costs. More tasks should be accomplished with less effort, expenses or people. The key to optimizing efficiency is linked to an organization’s business processes. Increasing efficiency often results in having staff take on more work. With the help of new systems, such as automation tools, self-service options and customer service tools, the same number of people can easily handle more work. To ensure that efficiency is at its highest level, organizations have to take on systems that cut down on the number of human interactions needed to complete transactions.

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